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Become a Support Woman

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As we grow older, so do the women we’ve helped. Our families change and our children grow up, yet one thing always seems to stay the same—we never forget what it felt like to be pregnant with cancer. We are a sisterhood of survivors at Hope For Two, and these bonds stretch across borders, backgrounds and now generations. We love you women.

“I had a wonderful experience with Pregnant with Cancer Network. I think that the only reason that I felt so good is because the PWCN support woman had been there herself. It felt good to know that I had someone make it to the other side. There was hope for me and my unborn baby.”

Kristen, South Dakota

Hope for Two…The Pregnant with Cancer Network is an international non-profit organization for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy. Our mission is to connect women who are pregnant with cancer with other women who have been pregnant with the same type of cancer. These women are here to lend support, offer hope and share their experiences with one another through phone and e-mail conversation.

If you have previously been pregnant with cancer and would like to be a support woman, please fill out our contact form below. To be a support woman, you would agree to connect with a pregnant woman, newly diagnosed with the same type of cancer that you had while pregnant. Women typically speak by phone or through email. You would share your experience to offer hope and support during this time.

We would like you to feel confident in your efforts to support a newly diagnosed member of our network. In order to assist with this, we ask you to participate in our brief Volunteer Support Woman training process. Once you complete and submit the form below, we will then forward you an email with details about participating. This email will contain a link to a short survey, our online training video (approximately 30 minutes) followed by another short survey. After your completion, we will then contact you to arrange a phone call to be certain we address any questions you may still have about the process of supporting a new member in the future. Once finalized, you will then be added to our list of available support women.

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