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Survivor Stories

Elizabeth’s Story

How my story begins: I was a happy mom of two boys, a happy wife to my husband of five years. I was in the process of going back to work as a paraprofessional after being a stay at home mom/mobile makeup artist. I enjoyed my small hometown, the beach, parks, and time with my family. […]

Nicole’s Story

I contacted Hope for Two back in November of 2015 about finding a support person to talk to through my cancer journey. At that time I was given an amazing support person that shared her story and advice with me which gave me confidence moving forward in treatment during my pregnancy. Now I want to […]

Carrie’s Story

On June 3, 2015, I received the devastating call that my breast biopsy was malignant, including lymph nodes, making it at least stage 3. I was 34 years old, and 26 weeks pregnant. I had originally thought the swelling was due to pregnancy and put off mentioning it to my doctor for months, but as […]

Lindsay and Kerri’s Story

Part One, By Lindsay Coulter It was my 30th year! Some people dread their 30th birthday, looking at it as the end to their young and carefree years of their 20’s. While that can be true, I chose to look at it as a new chapter and an exciting time. My husband and I had […]

Simone’s Story

Simone’s Story “Hope for Two has been there for me since the beginning. I was paired with a support woman who was there to answer my questions and who was there just to check in to see how I was. It felt good knowing that there was someone I could talk to, someone who would understand.” […]

Kristina’s Story

My cancer journey began in September 2013 just five and one half months after the birth of our first child and three and one half months after my last pap, but it would take me another eight months to be diagnosed. I began having severe pain in my lower abdomen and bladder area so I […]

Zoila & Haydee’s Story

In 2007, Zoila Pasos found a lump in her breast when she was just a few weeks pregnant. Not long into the pregnancy, she miscarried. While she allowed her body time to heal, she had the lump checked and was told it was a benign cyst and nothing to worry about. Six months later, Zoila […]

Perrie’s Story

I offer you my story as one of Hope. Breast cancer has always been like an ominous cloud lurking in my life. My great grandmother, grandmother and mother all died of the disease. My sister and I were both diagnosed within the same year and are BRCA2 positive. On October 8, 2004, I was diagnosed with […]

Laurel’s Story

I found bilateral painful breast lumps at 7.5 weeks pregnant (April 17, 2000) and because I was pregnant, there seemed not to be any urgency to prove or disprove the cause for the lumps (the lump in my left breast disappeared with hot compresses in 5 days, but the right lump remained). A ‘non urgent’ […]

Amy’s Story

I competed in my first sprint triathlon “Tri for the Cure” in March 2013. I was competing for my aunt fighting lymphoma and other family members who had died of cancer.  Little did I know I would be competing with cancer myself.