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Saving Two Lives

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Q & A Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center CancerWise, March 2006   Q&A: Breast Cancer During Pregnancy Research shows that chemotherapy given to pregnant breast cancer patients reduces tumor size in mothers and does not appear to harm their children, scientists say. One of the most recent studies included more than 13 years of data collected […]

Breast Cancer is Treatable During Pregnancy

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Full of Life

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Surviving Cancer While Pregnant

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Fertile Hopes

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Pregnant, With Cancer: Doctors Rethink Treatment

The Wall Street Journal, May 18, 2004

A Mother’s Dilemma

Christine Aschwanden, Health Magazine, June 2003

With Child…and Cancer: Nowadays chemo doesn’t wait, and it appears babies don’t suffer

Jeanne Millsap, July 21, 2002

When Drugs are the Only Choice for a Mother To Be

Judy Foreman. Boston Globe, September 26, 2000